Secure Computation Laboratory

Charles H. Knapp Associate Professor Marten van Dijk


Reza Rahaeimehr

PhD Student
Office: ITE 423


I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut. I got my master degree at Amirkabir Univercity of Technology, Iran, and my bachelor degree at University of Isfahan, Iran. I have over 14 years academic experience as a Computer Science instructor at Shariaty Technical University, Iran. I also gained industrial experience as a software developer, analyst and project manager.

Research Interests

  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • System Optimization

Research Projects

  • Security Inspection of OpenStack
    In collaboration with Boston University, we are investigating the security of OpenStack services according to the Universal Composability model. This project is one of the Modular Approach to Cloud Security (MACS) projects which involve MIT, BU, NEU, and UConn. Our project was chosen as one of the three outstanding projects among MACS projects as a result of a NSF site visit in 2016.
  • Counterfeit Product Detection for RFID-Based Supply Chains
    Current RFID monitoring schemes are used either local databases or online persistent communication between the reader and the back-end database. We introduce a novel scheme, LightSource, which uses an onboard Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) in RFID tags to function as a tiny mobile database. It is implementable on inexpensive EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID tags and enables producers to trace and find fake product injection points without having any local databases on partner sites or not having to communicate with them while preserving supply chain partners' privacy. With all these features, LightSource goes beyond other counterfeit product detection mechanisms.


  • Hoda Maleki, Reza Rahaeimehr and Marten van Dijk, "SoK: A Survey of Clone Detection Approaches in RFID-based Supply Chains", Workshop on Attacks and Solutions in Hardware Security (ASHES 2017)
  • H. Maleki, R. Rahaeimehr, Ch. Jin, and M. Dijk, "New Clone-detection Approach for RFID-based supply chain", IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST 2017), Acceptance rate 20%
  • H. Maleki, R. Rahaeimehr and M. van Dijk, "LightSource: Ultra Lightweight Clone Detection of RFID Tags from Software Unclonable Responses", IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2016, 608 (2016). Link to paper
  • Reza Rahaeimehr, Ahmad Abdollah Zadeh, "Deadlock Handling Based on Fuzzy Approaches", 10th International CSI, Tehran, Iran, 2004 , Acceptance rate 27%