Secure Computation Laboratory

Professor Marten van Dijk


Funding Awards

NSF Frontier, “A Modular Approach to Cloud Security,” $10M, 2014-2019. PIs: Ran Cannetti (overall lead PI, BU), Jonathan Appavoo (BU), Azer Bestravous (BU), Srini Devadas (MIT), Marten van Dijk (lead PI for UConn, share $801K), Sharon Goldberg (BU), Shafi Goldwasser (MIT), Frans Kaashoek (MIT), George Kollios (BU), Orran Krieger (BU), Daniel Wichs (Northeastern University), Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT), Nickolai Zeldovitch III (MIT)

MURI – AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research), “Development of Universal Theory for Evaluation and Design of Nanoscale Devices,” $7.5M, 2014-2019. PIs: Mark Tehranipoor (overall lead PI, UF), Marten van Dijk (lead PI for UConn), Domenic Forte (UF), Ali Gokirmak (UConn), Farinaz Koushanfar (UCSD), Gang Qu (UMD), Helena Silva (UConn), Ankur Srivastava (UMD).

Comcast Center for Excellence, “Embedded System Authentication and New Authentication techniques,” $70K plus an additional $32K of fellowship, 2016 (with roll-over). PI Marten van Dijk.

Comcast Center for Excellence, $195K plus an additional $95K of fellowship, 2015 (with roll-over), split in equal amounts over: (1) “KuMdo: A Key Management Toolbox for Minimizing Business Risk,” PIs Marten van Dijk (lead PI), Alexander Russell; (2) “Supply Chain Management,” PI Marten van Dijk; (3) “User and Embedded System Authentication,” PI Marten van Dijk.

UTRC (United Technologies Research Center), “Tagged Architectures for Hardware Trojan Detection,” $25K, 2014-2015. PI: Marten van Dijk

CHASE (Center for Hardware Assurance and Security Engineering sponsored by Honeywell, Comcast, and MDA), “Gideon: A High Performance HW Interface for Guaranteed Detection of Executed Injected Malicious Code,” $100K, 2013-2015. PIs: Marten van Dijk (lead PI), Omer Khan.


NSF Chase Comcast
UTRC AFOSE honeywell