Secure Computation Laboratory

Charles H. Knapp Associate Professor Marten van Dijk


Natural Computing (Spring 2015)

Different forms of by nature inspired computing paradigms (as opposed to computing paradigms that originate from our own human logic) are discussed. The course addresses various topics: cellular automata, neural computation, evolutionary computation, quantum computation, molecular computation, membrane computation, etc. Students will obtain a general understanding of each of these topics. Since each topic on its own would require a whole course by itself, the course only focusses on core ideas and basic concepts.

The course is based on “Handbook of Natural Computing”, Editors Grzegorz Rosenberg, Thomas Back, and Joost N. Kok, Springer, 2014. The lectures on quantum computing are based on “Quantum Computing Since Democritus”, Scott Aaronson, Cambridge UniversityPress, 2013.

In a future offering I would like to split the material into a first class teaching “On the Concept of Time” including the working of the brain, our conception of time from an algorithmic as well as psychological point of view, death phobia in western culture, some philosophy (may be some of Hannah Arend’s work from “Life of the Mind”), some physics such as reversibility (thermodynamics and some stuff on cellular automata), special relativity, causality (some quantum computation), etc. A second class could focus on a more detailed study of neural, fuzzy, evolutionary computation etc., i.e., a more algorithmic and mathematically oriented course.

Date Topic Lecture Material Supporting Material
21 Jan Introduction to Natural Computing Lecture 1: Course Introduction
26 Jan Cellular Automata Lecture 2: Introduction To Ceullular Automata Slides_on_Cellular_Automata_by Professor_Jarkko_Kari
28 Jan Cellular Automata Lecture 3: Universalities
2 Feb Cellular Automata Lecture 4: Reversibility
4 Feb Cellular Automata Lecture 5: Lattice Boltzmann Modeling
9 Feb Neural Computation Lecture 6: Spiking Neural Networks
11 Feb Neural Computation Lecture 7: Neurofuzzy Networks Neural_Fuzzy_Computing_Slides_by_Professor_Robert_Fuller
16 Feb Neural Computation Lecture 8: Support Vector Machines Support_Vector_Machine_Slides_by_Jason_Weston
18 Feb Neural Computation Lecture 9: Biological Neural Networks Deep_Belief_Network_Slides_by_Professor_Geoffrey_Hinton
23 Feb Evolutionary Computation Lecture 10: Evolutionary Algorithms
25 Feb Evolutionary Computation Lecture 11: Genetic Algorithms Genetic_Algorithms_Theory_and_Applications_Lecture_Notes_by_Ulrich_Bodenhofer
2 Mar Evolutionary Computation Lecture 12: Multiobjective Optimization Slides_on_Multiobjective_Optimization_by_Kalyanmoy_Deb
4 Mar Evolutionary Computation Memetic Algorithms Memetic_Algorithms_Slides_by_Dr._Krasnogor
9 Mar Molecular Computation DNA Computing DNA_Computing_Slides_by_Deepthi_Bollu
11 Mar Molecular Computation Lecture 15: Molecular Computing Machineries
16 Mar Spring Break (no class)
18 Mar Spring Break (no class)
23 Mar Molecular Computation Lecture 16: DNA-Based Biomolecular Devices
25 Mar Molecular Computation Membrane Computing Membrane_Computing_Slides_by_Professor_Kamala_Krithivasan
30 Mar Quantum Computation Mathematical Foundation of Quantum Computing Quantum_Lecture_9_by_Scott_Aaronson
1 Apr Quantum Computation Bell's Inequalities
6 Apr Quantum Computation Quantum Algorithms
8 Apr Quantum Computation Physical Implementation
13 Apr Student's Choice
15 Apr Student's Choice
20 Apr Student's Choice
22 Apr Reflections on Research
27 Apr Project Presentations
29 Apr Project Presentations
4 May Presentation of Personal Essays