Secure Computation Laboratory

Charles H. Knapp Associate Professor Marten van Dijk


ECE6094: Computing Engineering Seminar (Fall 2016)


During this seminar series students present foundational papers in computer science on computation and thinking. Each student study and present one such paper – this includes asking critical questions about why the paper is considered fundamental, whether we should agree with its conclusions etc. During the presentation the audience asks questions and gives comments about the content, the logical progression of the presentation itself, etc. Students are expected to participate during these discussions and their understanding is separately tested.

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to orally present research using a power point slide deck with the goal to attract the interest and attention of the listener.
  • To be able to contribute to discussions by asking creative questions and putting forward logical arguments.
  • To thoroughly understand the content of a series of key papers on the foundations of computer science

Presented Papers