Secure Computation Laboratory

Professor Marten van Dijk


Refereed Journal Articles

  • M. van Dijk, A. Juels, A. Oprea, and R. L. Rivest. "FlipIt: The Game of "Stealthy Takeover", J. Cryptology 26(4): p. 655-713, 2013. Impact Factor 0.84
  • U. Ruhrmair and M. van Dijk. "On the practical use of physical unclonable functions in oblivious transfer and bit commitment protocols", J. Cryptographic Engineering 3(1): p. 17-28, 2013. Invited paper
  • C. Herder, L. Ren, M. van Dijk, M.-D. Yu, and S. Devadas. "Trapdoor Computational Fuzzy Extractors and Stateless Cryptographically-Secure Physical Unclonable Functions", accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing. Impact Factor 1.351

Conference Proceedings

  • H. Maleki, R. Rahaeimehr and M. van Dijk, "SoK: A Survey of Clone Detection Approaches in RFID-based Supply Chains", Workshop on Attacks and Solutions in Hardware Security (ASHES 2017), Acceptance rate 20.0%
  • H. Maleki, R. Rahaeimehr, Ch. Jin, and M. van Dijk, "New Clone-detection Approach for RFID-based supply chain", IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST 2017). Acceptance rate 20.0%
  • S.K. Haider, W. Hasenplaugh, and D. Alistarh. "Lease/Release: Architectural Support for Scaling Contended Data Structures", Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP 2016). Acceptance rate 19.2%
  • H. Maleki, S. Valizadeh, W. Koch, A. Bestavros, and M. van Dijk, "Markov modeling of moving target defense games." Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense. ACM, 2016.Acceptance rate 42.3%
  • S. Devadas, M. van Dijk, C.W. Fletcher, L. Ren, E. Shi, and D.Wichs. "Onion ORAM: A Constant Bandwidth Blowup Oblivious RAM", TCC 2016. (Alphabetical authors, C.W. Fletcher and L. Ren shared lead author). Acceptance rate 40% (45/112)
  • M. van Dijk, “Hardware Security and its Adversaries”, TrustED 2015. Invited paper.
  • S.K. Haider, M. Ahmad, F. Hijaz, A. Patni, E. Johnson (summer intern 2014), M. Seita (summer intern 2014), Omer Khan, and M. van Dijk, "M-MAP: Multi-Factor Memory Authentication for Secure Embedded Processors", IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD 2015). Acceptance rate 19.8%
  • L. Ren, C. Fletcher, A. Kwon, E. Stefanov, E. Shi, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas. "Ring ORAM: Better than Path ORAM", Usenix Security 2015. Acceptance rate 15.7% (67/426)
  • X. Yu, S.K. Haider, L. Ren, C.W. Fletcher, A. Kwon, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas. "PrORAM: dynamic prefetcher for oblivious RAM", ISCA 2015: 616-628. Acceptance rate 19.0% (58/305)
  • A. Masab, S.K. Haider, F. Hijaz, M. van Dijk, and O. Khan. "Exploring the Performance Implications of Memory Safety Primitives in Many-core Processors Executing Multi-threaded Workloads", HASP 2015.
  • C. Fletcher, L. Ren, A. Kwon, M. van Dijk, E. Stefanov, D. Serpanos, and S. Devadas. "Tiny ORAM: A Low-Latency, Low-Area Hardware ORAM Controller", FCCM 2015. Acceptance rate 16%
  • C.W. Fletcher, L. Ren, A. Kwon, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas. "Freecursive ORAM: [Nearly] Free Recursion and Integrity Verification for Position-based Oblivious RAM", ASPLOS 2015: 103-116. Acceptance rate 16.7% (48/287)
  • V. Grindle (summer intern 2014), S.K. Haider, J. Magee, and M. van Dijk. "Virtual Fingerprint -- Image-Based Authentication Increases Privacy for Users of Mouse-Replacement Interfaces", HCI International 2015.
  • G.E. Suh, C.W. Fletcher, D.E. Clarke, B. Gassend, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas. "Author retrospective AEGIS: architecture for tamper-evident and tamper-resistant processing", ICS 25th Anniversary 2014: 68-70. Invited paper
  • M. van Dijk and U. Rührmair. "PUF Interfaces and their Security", ISVLSI 2014.
  • M. van Dijk and U. Ruhrmair. "Protocol attacks on advanced PUF protocols and countermeasures", DATE 2014: 1-6. Acceptance rate 29%
  • C.W. Fletcher, L. Ren, X. Yu, M. van Dijk, O. Khan and S. Devadas. "Suppressing the Oblivious RAM timing channel while making information leakage and program efficiency trade-offs", HPCA 2014: 213-224. Acceptance rate 25.6%
  • X. Yu, C.W. Fletcher, L. Ren, M. van Dijk and S. Devadas. "Generalized External Interaction with Tamper-Resistant Hardware with Bounded Information Leakage", CCSW'13, 2013. Acceptance rate 39%
  • E. Stefanov, M. van Dijk, E. Shi, C.W. Fletcher, L. Ren, X. Yu, and S. Devadas.. "Path ORAM: An Extremely Simple Oblivious RAM Protocol", Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2013. Best student paper award (1 out of 3; no best paper awards given). Acceptance rate 19.8% (105/530)
  • L. Ren, C.W. Fletcher, X. Yu, M. van Dijk and S. Devadas. "Integrity Verification for Path Oblivious-RAM", IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC) 2013.

Magazine Articles, Letters

  • C. Fletcher, M. van Dijk, and S. Devadas. "Let’s stop trusting software with our sensitive data", The Last Byte, Design and Test, IEEE 30(2): p. 103-104, 2013. Impact Factor 1.14
  • S.K. Haider, D.M. Shila, M. van Dijk, "Security Agents for Embedded Intrusion Detection", Circuit Cellar Magazine, April 2015, Issue 297.

Archived Reports

  • C. Jin, X. Xu, W. Burleson, U. Rührmair, and M. van Dijk. "PLayPUF: Programmable Logically Erasable PUFs for Forward and Backward Secure Key Management", Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/1052, 2015.
  • C. Jin and M. van Dijk. "Secure and Efficient Initialization and Authentication Protocols for SHIELD", Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/210, 2015.
  • S.K. Haider, C. Jin, M. Ahmad, D.M. Shila, O. Khan, M. van Dijk. "HaTCh: A Formal Framework of Hardware Trojans Design and Detection", Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2014/943, 2014.